C R E S P I   C U L T U R A

Associazione Culturale Villaggio Crespi

site in Crespi d'Adda in Capriate (BG)

piazzale Vittorio Veneto 1

Tel: 02 90987191

EMAIL: info@villaggiocrespi.it

PEC: villaggiocrespi@pec.it



Our office is open for booked visits and:


July, August and Christmas season:
by appointment only»


- Information Point
- Reservation of guided visits
- Exhibition of historical photographs
- Books and illustrated guidebooks


- Services for universities and schools
- Protection of Crespi monuments and landscape
- Research
- General assistance
- Organization of events

To find out more about our activities and initatives, see the section:
Friends of Crespi (in Italian)

Associazione Culturale Villaggio Crespi是一个非营利性组织,旨在保护阿达的·克雷斯皮村庄的遗产,它的价值被世人所知——它已经被列入联合国教科文组织的名单,每年接待成千上万的游客和学生。与此同时,也是协会成员居住的地方。


«The founders of the Association have been involved for several years in various activities concerning Crespi d'Adda, especially in the field of: history, culture, education and tourism.»

«The Association works to satisfy and co-ordinate the visitors' requests and expectations: in particular organises guided visits for schools and adults, and prepares a wide range of materials helping the visitors discover the village in the easiest and most satisfying way.»

«Another objective of the Association is to undertake a comprehensive study of the transformation of the area of Crespi d'Adda in the present times and of the cultural development of tourist sites, basing on the complexity of the subject and profiting from the (double) privileged role of inhabitant/cultural operator.»


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